2nd-3rd December 2005
Radiator Festival, Nottingham

Fresh from May You Live In Interesting Times, I took txt adventure up to Nottingham for the weekend as part of the lovely Radiator festival.

The game was projected onto a wall in the bar of the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham. I re-wrote the game so that for this version, events took place in the cinema.

Again, you can play it online by clicking here. You'll still need Java to do this..


28th-30th October 2005
May You Live In Interesting Times, Cardiff

May You Live In Interesting Times is a digital arts festival that was held in Cardiff. My contribution to the event was txt adventure. It was a version of the old time text adventures that was projected onto the side of a Church in the centre of town. Instead of using a keyboard to enter your instructions, you send text messages to the number on screen.

The game was written special for the event, and was set in the centre of town, around the spot where the game was projected.

You can play an online version of it by clicking here. And you'll need Java to do this..

See photos of the event here.


25th-27th February 2005
ScreenPlay, Nottingham

ScreenPlay is an annual games event in Nottingham. And this year they invited me to do something, so I came up with Pavement Pong. It's version of the old Atari favourite that you play by moving yourself up and down on top of a projected image of the game. 

The game was projected on the pavement outside the Broadway Cinema. There was a video camera rigged up to a PC looking at the scene - which was fed through some clever vision analysis software. The PC would move the bats would move wherever it saw a person.

Play an online one player version of Pong, that I wrote as the basis for Pavement Pong by clicking here. You'll need Shockwave.


11th November 2003
Aspect Ratio, Swansea

Aspect Ratio is the name of a new digital arts forum in Swansea. Meetings are held once a month to discuss anything and everything to do with digital media.

I'll be presenting the second ever We Will Destroy You (live!) performance at this month's event, so if you missed it at ArtSway, now's your chance. 

It's on at the Revolution bar in Swansea. For more information on Aspect Ratio, click here.


27th May 2003

You are now looking at an award winning work of art! On 28th March of this year, the Golden Pixil Awards were launched, and we will destroy you was one of the winners of the uncategorised category. Uncategorised is, in my opinion, the best category to be in. 

Also, today I have put up pictures of the live action cousin of we will destroy you. Click here to see them.


8th - 10th March 2003
Boredom Research's 'People vs Programming' Forum, Artsway, Sway, Hampshire.

The live action cousin of we will destroy you will be performed for the first time at the People vs Programming forum. I've got 13 volunteers to each follow a simple set of instructions, or program, which should recreate the game. I'll be using a modern PC to create the sounds and background graphics, much as a pianist would accompany a silent film.

The position of 'base operator' is still vacant, so if you would like to come along and play the live action version, you are welcome. The player of the game will be the only one not following a list of instructions. Just don't forget to bring 10p.


20th - 22nd March 2003
Lovebytes 2003, Sheffield

we will destroy you is on tour. It will be at the LoveBytes festival in Sheffield from 20-22 March 2003. The Space Invaders machine will be installed in 'The Showroom Bar' at C3, and the projections will be viewable in the cinema foyer.

Lovebytes run an annual festival featuring digital art, and this year's festival is based around the theme of Play. I'll be around for the whole festival, if you would like to come and say hello.


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