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The Art in the Bar programme gets an official launch in February with Chris Evans' we will destroy you which, despite its aggressive title, combines a Space Invaders game with live video to create an installation that is full of humour and nostalgia.

Those who are brave enough to take on the challenge are invited to play on the old-style arcade cabinet in the cafe. Simple enough - but a camera installed in the cabinet relays a video of the concentrated facial expressions of participants to a projection in the main bar.

Space Invaders is a good choice of machine for this project. Along with Pong (another favourite of Evans that recently appeared in G39, Cardiff) and Asteroids, Space Invaders is rightly credited with starting the video game phenomena that is now a fixture in most homes. People of a certain age - you know who you are - will be keen to relive the original experience and therefore become the subject of the installation.

The players' faces will obviously be very humorous - as they attempt to overcome the on-screen aliens - but beware, ultimately you will be the focus of their attentions.

Play we will destroy you at Art in the Bar at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff
Sat 2nd - Fri 15 February 2002

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