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Artist's Newsletter

The May 2003 edition of AN featured an article on the People vs Programming conference at Artsway. There was a picture of the live action we will destroy you illustrating the article.

Thumb Bandits

we will destroy you was featured on the Channel 4 program Thumb Bandits on February 22nd 2002. You can see a RealVideo clip from the show, and some video capture stills by clicking here.

Buzz Magazine

Buzz magazine is a listings magazine based in Cardiff, and they included the show in their art's listings section. And what's more, they gave the installation a thumbs up. So, thumbs up to you, buzz magazine.

Edge Magazine

Edge magazine is a widely respected video games magazine. They featured a previous work called 'avoid missing ball for higher score' in the reportage section of Edge 106. You can read it here.
They also featured '
we will destroy you' in issue 109. And it's here.

Big Issue Cymru

avoid missing ball for higher score was part of a show called Comfy at Gallery 39 in Cardiff. The Big Issue Cymru reviewed it, and you can read the review here.


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