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There's a huge pile of people that need to be thanked for encouraging me, putting up with me, or in a couple of cases helping to carry the machine with me.

Hannah Firth - from Chapter Arts Centre, who gave the project the go-ahead, and also wrote the press release far better than I could have hoped to.

Anthony Shapland - from Gallery 39, who lent me the infra red camera that sits inside the machine. Watch for the camera fulfilling its destiny as part of the project 'I piss on your gallery'. 

Christopher Brown - also from Gallery 39, who took all the photos of the opening.

Paul Granjon - from Z Labs, who offered encouragement, and more importantly made the camera stand.

Dean Woolford - from Chapter Arts Centre, who helped with the carrying and installing of the machine, and wiring, and projector.

Dave Langley - from, who not only is fixing the pcb from my Space Invaders, but also lent me his own board for the duration of the Chapter show, so that I'd have something to show. Good on you.

Stefhan Caddick and Neil Cox - a couple of my mates handy with a video camera for filming me fiddling around and answering questions for TV's Thumb Bandits.

Jehann Romaya and Benny - from My house, who put up with me running cables all through the house in preparation of this - and also put up with being guinea pigs for the system. Well done you.

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