Here's some photos of the unit in operation. These were taken at the opening of the show - 02.02.02 - by a lovely man called Christopher Brown. 

You can see just see the machine towards the right of this picture.

Here's a player trying to forget everyone in the bar is looking right at him

This photo features me, Jehann and our son Ben. I'm wearing a white shirt in the bottom right of the screen, Ben's the blurry baby in the center of the picture, and Jehann is the blurry lady holding the blurry baby.

Here's the machine looking normal...

The person at the bottom right of the picture is me. I don't know who the big, scary man is.

And this... is me. Again.

This is a picture taken inside the machine, from the back, of the camera looking out.

And here's another view of the camera. It's mounted on a piece of metal, made for me by Mr Paul Granjon of Z labs. note also the starry background, and the fluorescent ultra-violet tube that helps to create that outer space feeling.


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